It’s Sunday night which means tomorrow is Monday; the weekend always goes by so quickly. This weekend my husband only had Saturday off which is bummer but we made the most of the time we had and it was a lot of fun. 

Saturday started off by getting pampered while Zach slept, he’s on night shift. I went to my favorite aesthetician for my monthly eyebrow wax and facial, which is essential to my life. Facials are so good for your skin and I have problem skin thanks to PCOS so my facials really help me manage my face. Also I’m going to have this face forever so I need to take care of it. After my facial I picked up some new skincare product and I’m already obsessed.
I’ve been using the vitamin b cream moisturizer for awhile and it definitely helps keep my skin soft and I haven’t had any crazy breakouts. I just started using the Active Cleanser and Eucalyptus Toner, and I’m in LOVE. There’s some tingling with both products but I love that because I feel it working, also these products are made right here in Ohio and are made with amazing and natural ingredients.  http://www.mukhaspa.com/

After my facial I went to Vibe Salon and Hot Yoga to get a full set of eyelash extensions! This is definitely not necessary but is an amazing luxury and makes me feel great. The process start with taping my bottom lashes down and then I kept my eyes closed the entire processs. My stylist had to apply individual extensions to my individual lashes and the entire application took about 2.5 hours. My eyes were very tired and pretty red from being touched but over all it wasn’t painful, the worst part was getting my bottom lashes taped and that only lasted like a minute. Seeing them for the first time I thought they were kind long but still look surprisingly natural and blend right in with my other lashes. The longer I wear them the more and more I love them. 

These lashes are definitely high maintenance, you have to go back every 4-5 weeks for fills because these lashes grow out with your natural lashes. There are some rules to taking care of them: no make up remover with oil, waterproof eyeliner isn’t a great idea because you can’t scrub your eyes, no sleeping on them because they could come off. So far I find them worth all the maintenance because I wake up feeling beautiful with out makeup. That might seem silly but it’s great feeling like I don’t need make up….I’m still going to use it though because makeup is super fun and I don’t want live with out it. πŸ˜‚πŸ’πŸΌ

Okay moving on to Zach waking up and enjoying the rest of the day.

First we went to ChickFila and had dinner  which was deliscous as always. Then we went to Startbucks for iced coffee and drove Oak Openings Metropark in  Swanton. We went for a lovely walk around a pond and it was beautiful, I really enjoyed all the weird green stuff on the pond. πŸ˜‚ After he went adventuring around the pond and seeing a sweet playground we ended up going into town and met up with some friends. Once we met with our friends we went to the park in Swan and there was a movie in the park where we watched sing on a big white screen on the back of a baseball fence. It was just like being at a drive-in movie theater, it was a great time. At about midnight we headed home. 

Now it’s Sunday and Zach’s at work so I’m just sitting here writing this blog on my new iPad which makes it pretty easy to blog. My next blog will probably be all about sewing and knitting. I just did a giveaway on my Instagram so I have to take some pictures and share with you what I’m giving away to the lucky winners. I’m pretty excited because I’m doing custom boxes with some fun items customized to their liking. Anyways that’s all for now I should be posting another blog later this week so see you then. 
πŸ’• Rin


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