Happy Things for Rainy Days.

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Crocheters this blog is for you!

Today has been super gloomy and depressing so instead of focusing on that I’m going to focus on finding some adorable patterns to share and that might inspire you to get creative. Also I have my birthday party coming up and the three patterns I’m going to share are perfect for party decor and if you don’t have a party coming up they are great for your home as well. So lets get to it!


First on my list are these adorable dining room table decorations. I am thinking about doing these in pink, purple, blue, and white and should be a great fit for my birthday party dessert table. I’m ordering unicorn everything; cake, cupcakes, macaroons. I’ll also be making some of my own things. I’ll be sure to take pictures and share all the details. 🙂

Go get this pattern for yourself here.


Next is this insanely cute mason jar cozy. I mean look at that cute face, this would be great for party favors, kids, and so much more. I am thinking about using this pattern but instead of making it a bear I’ll turn it into a unicorn, then I could use it to put some desserts in like chocolate covered pretzel sticks…mmmm.

To get this cute pattern click here.

Lastly are two great wall hangings. I couldn’t choose which wall hanging to share so I’m sharing both. This girl has a lot in her ravelry pattern store and they are all amazing, I can’t wait to purchase a pattern from her the trouble is going to be deciding which to buy. Side note: isn’t crochet amazing?! There are so many different things you can do with it like create home decor and clothing. I am so happy I taught myself this amazing craft.

Find the first pattern here and the second pattern here.

Hope you enjoy these patterns! If you decide to make anything using any of these patterns tag me on Instagram @rinknits ! I want to see your beautiful work.

Thank you to all of you wonderful pattern designers out there, I wouldn’t know what to do or make if it weren’t for you talented makers.

Keep on creating.



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