I’m back and Ready to Party!


Hey there! 

It’s been so long since I’ve written and that’s because life has been on over drive. How can it possibly be May in just a couple days. Anyways I’ll give you an update at what I’ve been up to. 

1. I finished my shawl and it did not turn out how I like and is much smaller, but I’m super impatient so I may have done something wrong or just didn’t make it long enough. 

2. I went on vacation in March and it was so nice. We saw Andy Hull and Dustin Kensrue in Louisville then drove down to Cherokee, NC. We stayed with friends in their cabin and explored some beautiful sites. 

3. I got a job!!! I wasn’t really looking for one but came across a really unique job listing for a local leather hat shop in Fremont called The Blonde Swan. I am now training to be a leather artesian. I love it. You can find their hats on Etsy! 

4.  My BIRTHDAY is coming and I’m planning an awesome party. The theme Corrine’s Quarter Life Crisis with Unicorn decor and 80s music and attire. There going to be so much dessert. My crafty projects right now have been all about Unicorns like my unicorn bunting below. 

5. For the past 2 weeks we have been renovating our floor in the living room and dining room. I also painted the bathroom. I love our house even more and hopefully this is the last weekend renovating and we can get back to normal life. 

So there’s an update on what’s been up with me! I want to know what you’ve been doing. Leave me a comment below! 
💕 Corrine 


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