Sick days and Hobbies 


Today I woke feeling crappy. Sore throat, drainage, headache, ya know the fun stuff. 🙄

I was suppose to go to lunch with Zach’s family but I stayed behind to rest. When I finally decided to get up I moved from the bed to the couch and wrapped up in a blanket and played on my new phone. 

The iPhone 7+. The camera on this is my favorite, particularly portrait mode. Yesterday Zach’s phone officially crapped out so we decided it would be a good time to upgrade to the 7+. This camera has depth of field! Check out that picture. 

Anyways once Zach came home we chilled some more and I started to knit a WIP that I had started back in December. 

I’m still working on it and probably will be for a while, I’m not the best at long term knitting projects probably because come slow but this one is a super easy consistnant pattern that I can easily come back to. Hopefully I can finish this one and I’ll be able to share it here when it’s completed. 

I’d love to hear about your hobbies! 

Now we are eating a heart shaped pizza waiting for The Walking Dead mid-season premiere. We are winning at the laziest Valentines celebration, since we can’t celebrate Tuesday. 

TWD. I am really hoping they don’t rip our hearts out tonight but I also don’t want it to be super boring. 🤷🏼‍♀️ 

What are you up to on this Sunday evening? Let me know in the comments. 💕




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