Just another Friday.

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Hey there, 

Hope you have had a great week, I know I have. Nothing crazy big happened but nothing bad did either so I think that would classify this as a great week. I don’t that I have any thing crazy to talk about so I will just talk about my week. This is a diary so why not.

Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 1.37.54 AM.png

First I have narrowed my closet down to under 40 items, and I think thats about where I’m going to stay for this whole Project 333. I have hid away a lot of clothes that I will go through once its May. I will keep the things that add joy to my life and things that don’t have gotsta go. Its actually been really awesome having such few clothes to choose from because its all of my favorite items, and everything matches pretty well. I think shoes might be the hardest because right now I only have three in my closet but once it starts getting warmer I’ll be wanting sandals. I’m not worried though this is all about realizing whats necessary and that I don’t need excessive amounts of things, this is a challenge for now not forever.


This week mostly consisted of relaxing, staying warm, and some babysitting.  I’ve been working on a sock, I’m about finished I just need to sew the toe together. I’ll share a picture when it’s finished. I absolutely adore the yarn I used for it; I bought the yarn at The Crafty Needle in Elmore during a break between Valentine Mini sessions.  It’s my slow season for photography which means I typically get super into my knitting/crocheting and reading but I am in between books at the moment. I finished the entire Harry Potter series January for the first time and it was amazing and depressing that it was over. It is definitely a series I will read again.

Thursday I had a photo session for an almost one year old boy that is very special to me. ❤ I have photographed him since his birth, and let me tell you that his birth was not easy on his mama but she did it all natural and was a freaking rock star. If I could photograph birth every single day I totally would, its amazing and I could write a whole other blog on that. So anyways here a couple pictures from his AMAZING photo session and I mean AMAZING; definitely my favorite studio session to date.


This was the first time he ever had sugar and boy did it make him happy. Pretty much every session I’ve done with him he barely smiled or cried and this session he was amazing. Eek! He is coming back this week to get some more shots in and with the props we have they are going to be adorable.

Today well Friday since it’s technically Saturday but I haven’t slept yet so that means its still Friday right? Today was good. I babysat Rider and Oliver (baby pictured above) and had a great time. Rider and I played with his trains and build a super long track. Then once I left I went to Sandusky to hit up Target. Why does that dollar section have to be right in the front?! It get’s me every time!

I originally went to Target to get a birthday gift for another one year old and ended up with 5 bags of things. The trip to Target was good though, they always have the cutest decor items and it helped me finally form a vision for Easter Minis, and Spring Minis. I also found a bunch of cute things for my Quarter Life Crisis party in May (aka my 25th) and its going to be the best.


The theme: UNICORNS with 80’s Attire. 

That means crazy colors, glitter, big hair, and 80’s music. It’s going to be the most outrageous party I’ve ever thrown but hey you only turn 25 once and I would rather be having an outrageously good time with friends than sulking at home thinking of all the things I haven’t achieved yet.  When I really think about my life I realize I have done so much, and I have so much, and I am loved. ❤ I mean I live a good good life. I am blessed and God has protected me and lead me to many wonderful things; what more could I ask for?

Any ways, its been a good week and I am embracing this slow period of time because come spring photography is going to be picking up and life is going to become busy again. Appreciate the slow periods in your life because when life picks up you are going to be wishing for that time back. 

Hope you have an amazing weekend. I’ll be back soon. 🙂




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