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Health, PCOS

Hey there, not sure if there’s anyone there but that’s okay. I created this place for me to be me and to share what I need to and if I get to connect with others along the way thats cool too.

January 2017 was a weird one, I think not just for me but for everyone. For everyone else it was probably a bad start because of all the politics but thats not why mine was weird. If you are grossed about by girl probs then you probably shouldn’t continue, I mean this blog is called The Uncomfortable Diary.

Back in December I went to the Gynecologist for my annual appointment because thats what girls are suppose to do. I wanted to ask about my irregular periods because at some point I want kids and I wanted to make sure everything was okay. Apparently only having 6 periods in a year isn’t normal so the doctor decided to run some tests. I had to have my blood drawn 2 separate times and an extensive ultrasound to check my ovaries.  So a month later (January) I went back for the results and turns out I have PCOS also known as Poly-Cystic Ovary Syndrome. Some hormones were off, I apparently didn’t ovulate, and I have cysts on the left side of my ovaries. Sweet right?


I felt really emotional after the appointment. I mean I know people with PCOS and all the issues that go with it. It’s not a death sentence so that was a huge relief but not knowing if having kids will be hard or not is scary. I’m not in dire need of a child right now but it has been a dream since I was a child to experience pregnancy and to be a mom.

On top of all of the PCOS awesomeness I have had a lump on neck/shoulder I was dealing with. I finally went to the doctor for that but turns out its nothing to worry about and I’m fine. So huge relief but waiting for the results of so many things was incredibly stressful.

So now I’m in the state of weirdness. Knowing that there is something wrong with me is really…weird. On the upside of things it’s nice to know why I have been struggling with anxiety, acne, moodiness, and etc. Even though it sucks knowing I have this, its exciting and a huge relief to know what to work on and it’s given me the motivation to really try and fix it.

The world is still spinning, I’m still living, and life is good but just with a little added weirdness.

I’m excited for this “diary”.  I haven’t had a place to write about my personal life for a long time. I hope I can stick with this and maybe connect with others. I’m excited to have place to write about anything and everything not just business where you have to focus on one subject.


Until next time,





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